Discover ways to help your game by asking beneficial questions at the golf shop when checking in for your tee time.

Becoming a Pro at Golf Shop Inquiries

Golf is a game of rules - where you can hit the ball, when you can hit the ball and who you can play with or against. Greens need to be true and fast and bunkers have to be clean and fluffy. Luckily the NCGA keeps us well appraised of all the rules and regulations within the game but with so many nuances, it can still be quite intimidating.

So to help you feel more comfortable, we are starting from the feet up! And understanding the right questions to ask in the golf shop is a great way to ensure you will have a great round. At Poppy Hills, we are here to assist you and make sure that your golfing experience is enjoyable from start to finish.

One of the key aspects to utilizing the golf shop is knowing what questions to ask and when. By asking the right questions, you can gather important information that will enhance your game and overall experience on the course. Let's explore the questions you should ask when checking in.

Questions We Love

(Because they help your game!)

1. What is the course slope and rating? This information will give you an idea of the course's difficulty level and help you determine the appropriate handicap for your round.

2. What are the greens rolling at? Knowing the speed of the greens will allow you to adjust your putting technique accordingly.

3. What type of grass do we use in the fairway? Different types of grass can affect how the ball behaves, so knowing the type of grass on the fairway can help you plan your shots better.

Questions the Internet Loves

(Because it saves you time researching these questions at home, making check-in quick and easy while keeping you confident and in the know)

1. What's the weather like out there? The weather can change (or not change at all) and it's best to check the forecast beforehand and to be well informed before you arrive. We suggest bookmarking this site for all your weather-related needs!

2. Do you allow Fivesomes? The standard golf game is played with foursomes, and it's important to respect the pace of play and the rules set by the golf course.

3. Do you have any tees farther than the back tees? The tees are strategically placed to provide an optimal golfing experience for players of different skill levels. It's best to play from the tees that correspond to your handicap. And the back tees have that name for a reason 😎

Questions Poppy Hills Website Loves

(Checking our policy page for answers to your Poppy Hills-specific queries will help you feel more confident before you set foot on property, ensuring a more relaxed and worry-free round)

1. Can I bring my pup with me to golf? Animals and pets are not allowed on the course of in the clubhouse at any time. (Service animals may be allowed, subject to pre-approval from the Manager on Duty. Your fur baby would probably much rather nap at home then track your ball. Talk about ruff! 🐶

2. Do you have different sizes of range ball buckets? Poppy Hills offers a Warm-up Bucket for players with tee times at a rate of $5 for 30 balls. Although our driving range is not open to the public, NCGA members can utilize the range during certain hours and practice buckets are $10 for the first 30 balls and $5 for additional 30 balls after first purchase. Not an NCGA member? Join here 😎

3. Do you have TaylorMade or any other brand golf balls? We are Titleist exclusive for all hard goods! Five years after the creation of their first golf ball in 1935, Titleist introduced the option to personalize. The double digit numbers were produced for Presidents who were fond of golf. The numbers reflected their presidential number, with Obama (44), Bush (43) and Clinton (42) all receiving this special service. If it's good enough for the Commander in Chief...

For more information on our course policies, check out our FAQ page!

Asked & Answered

Golf knowledge is power. 👊 Time to put all this information to good use by booking your tee time at Poppy Hills!

With a layout that requires patience and precision, the Poppy Hills Golf Course holds up to even the best golfer, but is fair to all. Come discover a hidden jewel in golf’s greatest zip code!