We recently picked up a copy of Mark Oman’s Golf Astrology: How to Become the Best Golfer You Were Born to Be! and became enamored with the idea of breaking down your need for a golf Handicap Index based on your astrological sign. Because who doesn’t secretly (or not so secretly) love reading their horoscope?

Maybe you already have your Handicap Index squared away and just want that ‘ahhh, makes sense’ moment. Maybe you have been dragging your feet and just need the stars to align to give you a little push to secure your Handicap Index. Or maybe you are new to golf and too afraid to ask what a Handicap Index is. We got you.


Reason: To be eligible to play in competitive tournaments

Kicking off things strong with this competitive fire sign (fire emoji). Aries are bold and energetic, so getting a Handicap Index (which is required in most official tournaments) will allow them to flex their tenacity in a tournament. An Aries in your foursome will surely lead you to victory (or tear up the green trying lol).


Reason: To stay up to date on news and enjoy discounts with their included NCGA Member Benefits

Taurus governs the neck, so this sign keeps their head on a swivel for amazing deals and golf getaways. They work hard to maintain and improve their Handicap Index so they can reap the rewards off the course too. Nobody believes in ROI like the cosmic oxen which is why getting a Handicap Index makes sense for this earth sign.


Reason: To measure your golf potential

This versatile and intellectual air sign is ruled by Mercury, creating a curious, communicative and inquisitive golfer looking to measure their game and adapt as needed. Given that golf is a mental game, Gemini has a definite edge with their innate curiosity driving a need for mental stimulation. What better way to measure their golf progress than with a declining Handicap index?


Reason: To make a difficult golf course more enjoyable

Moody Cancers can get down on themselves after a few bad holes, but bolstering their confidence with the safeguards of a Handicap Index, like a level playing field and continuity across various different courses, can help temper their emotions and tame their attitudes towards even the most difficult of golf courses. This water sign has the ability to read people (and greens) well and having a Handicap Index would put that skill to much better use on the golf course.


Reason: To have fun and make new friends

This one is pretty self-explanatory - Leo’s love to socialize and they love to cultivate friendships with those who inspire them. Having a golf handicap is perfect for this fire sign - not only are they competitive and naturally talented but playing with other golfers who also have established golf Handicap Indexes will spark their ambition and breathe life into their game. And while Leos are loyal, they can also be prideful so be gracious you beat them and all will be well. The sun never goes in retrograde, so Leos won’t stay down for long!


Reason: To motivate yourself to be a better golfer

Practical, logical Virgos could utilize their golf Handicap Index to be the best version of themselves on and off the golf course. A Handicap Index could help them tone down the self-criticism and allow them to really settle into the Rules of Golf, something a disciplined, detailed earth sign relishes. Playing with lower Handicap Indexed golfers would normally deepen the self-doubt a Virgo feels but with a golf Handicap Index of their own to focus on, a proverbial bar to raise, this Mercury governed sign can focus their hardworking energy on improving their game!


Reason: To win prizes fairly

This is an easy one - Libras are all about fairness and equality and in golf, we call the Handicap Index the great equalizer! This air sign is represented by the scales and is the only zodiac sign characterized by an inanimate object. Libras love balance, obviously, so acquiring a Handicap Index is an easy way to level the field on the golf course. Just make sure they don’t let their indecisiveness turn into a six-hour round!


Reason: To track your improvement

Scorpios love a challenge; they are relentless in the pursuit of, well, pretty much anything! Which is why a golf Handicap Index is perfect for this intense water sign - they can track their improvement and strategically work on their game. And their curiosity and loyalty make them amazing golfing buddies!


Reason: To make sure scores from 9-hole rounds count

Sagittarius doesn’t always know what they want and sometimes after a long work day that 18-holes they committed to just seems like too much; a quick 9-holes on a short course is much more manageable for this final fire sign in the Zodiac. A Handicap Index is perfect for the flighty Sagittarius because with the new short course ratings, every hole can count in establishing a Handicap Index!


Reason: To be able to answer: What is your Handicap Index?

Earnest Capricorns could use a Handicap Index for educational purposes - they are goal-oriented and practical and a Handicap Index would satisfy the conservative, rule-following side of this earth sign. Yes they may be workaholics, determined to climb and conquer any obstacles but close friends have seen them let loose on occasion. This cardinal sign ruled by Saturn is always motivated to start new projects, which makes taking on a Handicap Index the perfect place to start!


Reason: To level the playing field when casually competing or wagering

This air sign loves interpersonal dynamics and they fall on the humanitarian side of the zodiac. Aquarius’s symbol is the water bearer, which can represent truth and pure intention, making a Handicap Index that levels the playing field the perfect thing for them. This Uranus-ruled sign doesn’t indulge in shenanigans or shady business, which is why establishing Handicap Index appeals to them. They are easy-going but say what they think, so you always know where you stand with an Aquarius in your group!


Reason: To avoid getting frustrated while playing

Sensitive Pisces don’t enjoy when others seem unhappy, they actually suffer along with someone carding a double-bogey. With so much emotion and feeling involved, a Handicap Index will help this whimsical water sign play with their head instead of their heart. Being the final sign in the Zodiac, Pisces has learned all the lessons from the signs that came before it. And even though this Neptune-ruled sign governs the feet, a Handicap Index will be the thing that keeps Pisces grounded. Just keep them away from the water hazards!

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Now that you know why you need a Handicap Index based on your astrological sign, here’s how you go about getting one.

To get a Handicap Index, join our Poppy Hills (and enjoy all NCGA Member Benefits)! 

Once you join, get your USGA Handicap Index number and post a minimum of 54 holes in the World Handicap System, your handicap index will be calculated. This will be updated on a daily basis, so you’ll see your Handicap Index change over time based on your performance.

Want to learn more about Handicap Indexes? See our Handicap Index 101 resource.